Notes Feature

With our notes feature, you can add your own personalized notes at the end of any section in a Library article. To do so, just select the Notes icon on the bottom right corner of a section. 


A text box will then appear where you can enter any text that you'd like. Just make sure to click the "Save" button to save these notes. A red dot will then appear next to the Notes icon in each article section if you have a note saved within that section.  Screen_Shot_2022-02-17_at_9.28.23_AM.pngYour saved notes will appear in the Knowledge App in the Lists section, as well as in the Your notes section at the bottom of every article section in the app. 


Shared Notes

By selecting the "Share" button within the notes section in the desktop version of the platform, you can share notes with your classmates!


To access shared notes, select Account > Notes & Other Settings in the sidebar menu of the platform. 


Then, select the "Shared notes" tab.


You will then be re-directed to the notes shared with you, as well as the notes you've shared with classmates. 



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