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Exam preparation requires tons of reading, reviewing, and recalling. Instead of having to start from the top with your studies, the Key Exam Info feature will do two things to assist you:

  1. Point out information in an Article related to a question that was previously answered incorrectly, and the respective content will be underlined in red. With this uniquely powerful feature AMBOSS helps you to catch and correct mistakes as you go.
  2. Highlight in yellow any information in the article that is high-yield for your current study objective.

How the Key Exam Info feature works:

As you put your knowledge to the test and go through sessions in the Qbank, AMBOSS tracks which questions you got right or wrong. While the full results of your progress tracking can be viewed in your Personal Analysis, they can also be traced throughout Knowledge Library’s Articles. You can see that by enabling the Key Exam Info so that key knowledge points you missed in your sessions will be featured in red in each card’s text.

For as long as the feature stays enabled, that same information will remain underlined in red in the Article until you visit that particular concept in the Qbank session. If you get that question right, the underline will be removed. 

The more questions you go through, the more precise this feature gets, providing you with a much more efficient approach to studying. It’s immediate feedback on what you should focus on more, allowing you to hone in on gaps and close them - all without having to go through the entire topic over again.

The yellow highlighting will update based on your Current Study Objective, which can be set by heading to Career & Study Profile on your AMBOSS account. We recommend updating this throughout your studies so that the Analysis and Library tools are tailored to your current goals! 

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