How do I change the language in AMBOSS?

At this time, our platform is only available in English due to the fact that our content was created based on the USMLE guidelines. When preparing for an exam or using AMBOSS as a clinician, it's best to use the platform in English, not only to support your medical and study skills but also to prevent any potential mistranslations that may occur in a hospital setting. 

We do offer a Spanish Search Function, with which you can search medical terms in Spanish. This feature will still return results in English.

If you are looking to use AMBOSS in German, you will need to create an account on the German version of our site, which has been created from the ground up in accordance with guidelines in the DACH region. Many of our users have accounts for both sites. Feel free to do so!


We are aware that many of our users use external translator tools such as Google or DeepL to obtain the AMBOSS content in Spanish. We want to remind you that these translations are not in our control, and the original article is in English. Beware that the content can be misleading due to external translation mistakes.

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