AMBOSS Anki add-on General Troubleshooting

If you're AMBOSS Anki add-on isn't working, it is important to first check a few things to make sure that the add-on is configured properly on your device:

* Have you restarted Anki after installing or updating the add-on? Any changes made to our add-on will be applied only once the Anki is restarted.
* Have you logged into your AMBOSS account within Anki? Once the add-on is installed, you will need to log in via the AMBOSS > Log in... option found in the Anki taskbar (top part of the screen). You might need to repeat this process after updating the add-on.
* Are the relevant options enabled in the Add-on settings screen? Head to AMBOSS > Settings and make sure that the following options are ticked:
- Enable pop-up definitions
- Show pop-up definitions on questions

The add-on configuration can always be reset by pressing the Restore Defaults button in the Settings menu.

What to do if the steps listed above didn't help?

You might be using an Alternate version of Anki which is currently not supported by our add-on. In this case, you need to remove it from your device and install the Standard versions, which you can download here.

You can easily check which version of Anki you have by opening Anki and clicking on AMBOSS > About > Debug. Look for the "flavor" value;

* "flavor": "standard" for Standard Anki builds
* "flavor": "alternate" for Alternate Anki builds
If you are still experiencing issues or you can't see the "flavor" field in the Debug section, please feel free to contact the AMBOSS Support or leave us a message here and we'll help you as soon as we can.

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