Keystrokes/keyboard shortcuts/gamepad support

You can use keyboard shortcuts/keystrokes to interact with the AMBOSS pop-ups in our Anki add-on! While we aimed to create default shortcuts that don't clash with standard shortcuts in other popular add-ons, you can take a look at the shortcuts in the AMBOSS → Settings → Keyboard Shortcuts section and customize them if needed. 

Why do keystrokes sometimes ignore keywords/phrases?

Sometimes keystrokes may ignore keywords or phrases because only one instance of a phrase group per card can be selected via keystrokes. For example, if "Diabetes" appears twice in a single card, only the first occurrence can be reached via a keystroke, the second will be jumped over. The same mechanic is applied to the concepts that are worded differently but link to the same definition, for example, acronyms ("HIV" vs "Human Immunodeficiency Virus").

Can I disable keystrokes?

It is not possible to disable keystrokes/keyboard shortcuts via the add-on settings, but you can set up obscure keystrokes that will never be hit.

Can I use a gamepad to navigate between pop-ups?

You can use a gamepad to navigate between pop-ups! There are a couple of options. The easiest and most common way is to map gamepad keys to keystroke combinations. There are several tools that you can use to achieve this:

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