Reviewing a Qbank session

Once you complete a question session, you will be redirected to your Analysis page, where you can see the overview of your progress and performance. 


To review your answers in detail, select the Review Session button at the bottom right corner of the Individual session analysis:


Here is where you can view the answer statistics by clicking % Show Stats


If a question was answered incorrectly, you'll be able to see the answer explanations after clicking on the Show Answer button at the bottom of the question:


If you'd like to see all answer explanations, click on Show All Explanations


By hovering over the hyperlinked terms in each answer choice, you can view information on particular terms and get redirected to the relevant Article.


You can also open the Article linked to the correct answer. 


On the left sidebar of the question Review, you can find which questions have been answered correctly, along with their difficulty level.


The difficulty level, along with the Answer statistics can help compare your progress to that of your peers. To view your overall progress and percentile, check your Analysis page and Recommendations.


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