Using Study Mode & Exam Mode

When starting a Qbank session, either through the Study Plans or through the creation of a Custom Session, there are two different question modes: Study mode and Exam mode.

Study Mode
In Study mode, you can access all the features that will help you delve into the topics tested in the questions.

Key Info


This feature will highlight information in the question text that helps understand the focus of the question. The purpose of the Key Info feature is not only to guide but also to help you get accustomed to recognizing important information in a question, especially when starting your exam preparation.

Attending Tip


The attending tip will give you additional information on the case described that can guide you to the answer. Keep in mind that when the Attending tip is used, it is considered helpful and will be reflected in your Analysis. You can always work on questions in which you've previously used the attending tip by creating a Custom Session with the Status filter Answered with help. The Attending tip is always displayed only for the active question, you can deactivate it before moving to the next question.

Show Answer / Show All Explanations
You can have the correct answer revealed by clicking on the Show Answer button at the bottom left of the question. If you'd like to see the explanations to all the answer choices, this button will have now turned into Show all Explanations.

Reset Question
If you accidentally chose an answer, you can undo your choice by clicking on the Reset Question button. In this way, your answer choice will not be documented to your Analytics. Please keep in mind that the same applies to when you are reviewing your question sessions.


Rule Out Answer Choices
You can cross out any answer choices you've ruled as not relevant by clicking on the X button at the right side of each answer choice.

Lab Values
You can always open the Lab values in each question - this is something you have access to in the Study mode and the Exam mode, as it applies to the day of your exam as well.

Exam Mode
The Exam mode is designed in a way to simulate your exam. It has the same design and features that you have access to on the day of your USMLE/Shelf exam, so that you get accustomed to the layout and where everything is located in advance.

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