Using your Saved Questions, organized by Folder

While studying in the Qbank, you may want to create a personal folder with a selection of questions of your choice.

You can create a personal folder as follows: 

1. Open up a question that you wish to save.
2. Click the +Save icon at the bottom right corner of the question text

3. Type the name of the folder you want to create in the Search bar

4. Click your new folder under Create Folder.

File a question to a Folder
If you want to file a question into an existing folder at a later time, click on the +Save icon symbol at the bottom of the question and select the folder you want to save the question to. Once it appears under In Folders, it will be saved there.

Study your Saved Questions, organized by Folder
To access your personally-created folders where you will find your saved questions, create a custom session in the Qbank. You can select one of your folders to study from and filter it even more by using our other filtering options.

N.B. - Make sure the Status filter is left unchecked if you'd like to access all the questions you've saved to a folder. If the Status filter is set to "Not yet answered," no questions in your folder will appear. 

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