Persistent Filters

AMBOSS has released a new feature for the Qbank! The custom session creation now includes persistent filters that allow you to save your filter settings, so you will no longer have to re-select your session criteria for every new custom session.
When accessing the custom session creation page from the AMBOSS sidebar your chosen filter settings will be saved for all new custom sessions, until you revert or overwrite them by new filters.  Please note that for each new custom session the "Exam" field is pre-set based on your study objective and changing your study objective will revert any saved filters. Additionally the question "Status" is pre-set to "Not yet answered" and the number of questions in the session will be set to 40 by default.
Persistent filters will not be applied for question sessions created from within library articles, thus adaptations confirmed by the "Refine" button are not saved and apply for the current session only.
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