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Our Study Recommendation feature helps to track your performance and progress for your current Study Objective. This section is based on your previous performance and is tailored to your individual needs and aims in order to help you identify your focus areas or topics where you may need a boost.

To see your personal Study Recommendations and progress for your upcoming exam, go to your Analysis section on the left side menu, and click Study Summary. You can find the dedicated widget below the analysis tools: 
AMBOSS_StudyRecommendations.pngHere you will find a list of suggestions on topics matched with pre-made Qbank sessions. You will also have the option to view the content organized by Article, Discipline, or Systems. The topics are listed in order of their relative importance on the exam you’re studying for. That is, topics listed at the top are more likely to show up on exam day relative to those at the bottom.

By clicking on each topic, you will be able to see how relevant it is to your individual needs, your performance and percentile for that block, your progress up to that moment, and the relevance of the topic for your Study Objective.

Interpreting the color bars can be a little challenging at first. But, if you keep the following principles in mind, you’ll easily understand them:

  • The red, yellow, and green bars reflect the proportion of questions on a given topic that you’ve completed. The gray portion of the bar reflects the remaining questions on that topic.
  • The colors reflect the same performance categories as in the section above: Green is ‘correct,’ yellow is ‘correct with help,’ and red is ‘incorrect.’
  • The length of the whole bar is the same for each topic, no matter how many questions are featured in the Qbank on that topic. Therefore, answering two of two (2/2) questions for a certain topic incorrectly will leave the bar completely red. Don’t read too much into this!

To test your knowledge in each specific area, click the Qbank button on the right side. You can then choose the number of questions in the session, start the Qbank session directly, or click Refine and customize it as much as you want.

You can learn more about our Study Recommendation feature here

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