Show Stats Feature

After answering a question in Study Mode or when reviewing a previous question session, you can check the percentage of students that have chosen each option by clicking the Show Stats button at the bottom of the question.

If you have answered correctly, you will see the percentages next to each option, and if you have chosen an incorrect answer, you can reveal the correct answer by hitting the spacebar. The correct answer, along with the percentages, will appear:

These statistics include only the first attempt of every user and only the responses of users who took at least 5 seconds to pick their answer. These statistics update every night and include all the answers selected until the previous night that fit the criteria.

These statistics can help you identify whether the question might have been especially difficult or whether a particular option might have been misleading. Do not be discouraged by these statistics, as they contribute to your overall learning, i.e. if the root of the question was misunderstood or if there’s a deficit in certain clinical knowledge.

If you would prefer, you can also choose to Hide Stats at any time after revealing them by clicking on the button when it appears.

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