Unable to access after purchase

If you are unable to use the AMBOSS platform after purchasing access, please first check all possible AMBOSS accounts you have registered to make sure you purchased access on the correct account. 

If you were successfully charged for AMBOSS access but it is not reflected in any of your accounts, this could be because you purchased an unlimited Qbank add-on, but your membership has since expired. A Standard Monthly or Yearly membership is required in order to access any of our content. Therefore, you must have an active Monthly or Yearly membership in the Account & settings > Membership & Licenses section of platform in order to access an unlimited Qbank add-on you've purchased. Please verify you have an active membership in addition to the add-on. If you do not, please activate a membership by selecting the option to "Become member" in the Account & settings > Membership & Licenses section of the platform. 

If you still aren't able to use the platform after verifying the above, please feel free to contact the AMBOSS Support or leave us a message here so we can look into your account. 

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