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For whenever AMBOSS Support is not available, we have provided comprehensive troubleshooting steps below that you can follow in case you are unable to use AMBOSS due to access or technical issues:

1. Login does not work:

If you cannot log into your AMBOSS account, go through the following points:

  • Have you entered your login data correctly? Also note any spaces here.
  • Do you have multiple AMBOSS accounts? Please test the login with other e-mail addresses/passwords.
  • If your login details are not recognized, please try to reset your password- if you do not receive the requested email, please also check your spam folder. Please also note that the link sent is valid for 24 hours and will be automatically deactivated if you request it again. Once you have reset password, confirm it by clicking "Save" - ​​the successful change will be confirmed to you via email.
  • Are you trying to log in to the German AMBOSS platform? You can easily recognize this by the language on the login page (German vs. English – you can login hereto access the English AMBOSS platform).

2. AMBOSS access blocked:

If you log into your AMBOSS account but cannot access the AMBOSS content, please check the following:

  • In the browser version of AMBOSS, go to Account & settings > Membership & Licenses to check whether you have active access on your account. If this section page says "Become member," you currently do not have access.
  • If you have purchased access, but it is not displayed in your account, it could be that you have several AMBOSS accounts and are logging into an account without a valid access. Therefore, try logging in via your other email address. 
  • If you cannot access our Qbank, you may have reached your question limit, but you can easily upgrade your access to unlimited questions.

3. Technical problem:

  • If you encounter technical difficulties when using the desktop version of AMBOSS, please follow the instructions here. It is important to check whether the difficulties occur independently of devices/browsers.
  • On the AMBOSS status page you can check if there are general technical problems, such as a server down.
  • If you encounter technical difficulties when using our apps, please try the following troubleshooting steps: 
    • Log out and back in to the app (with the correct login)

    • Close and restart the app

    • Clear the app cache (via device settings)

    • Uninstall and reinstall the app (App Store/Google Play Store)

    • Restart your device

    • Update your mobile operating system

    • Switch to another network (mobile data/WiFi)

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