Study Plan Overview

Study Plans and Custom Sessions are the two ways you can build a Qbank session, depending on how you prefer to study.
The Study Plans allow you to study in an organized way and allow you to easily follow a certain schedule. We have a number of pre-made Study Plans on the AMBOSS platform, which were created to assist you whether you have an exam coming up very soon or in a few months! These plans come in different varieties, with some consisting of just Qbank sessions broken down by system or discipline, while others include articles from our Library, which you can mark as learned as you go.
Once you select the Study Plan section in the sidebar menu, you will see that the plans appear under separate tabs, such as Complete Licensing Exams or High-Yield Exam Prep. Each tab includes a short paragraph description of what you can expect from the plans in that category. Once you begin a Study Plan, it will also appear in your dashboard. 

Another option is to create your own Custom Study Plan directly in the Study Plans section. In order to do this, just click 'Create study plan' in the Study Plans section of the platform. 

You can choose your study objective, when you wish to end the plan, what days a week you are planning to study, and how many hours per day you want to dedicate to it. Our platform will then prepare everything for you to be able to cover the necessary content, adjusting the plan to your preferred schedule.

Through a Custom Session, you can create your own blocks of random questions for each exam and further filter as you want. This can be a more flexible way of setting up your Qbank session and a better option if you are closer to exam time. You can check how to create your Custom Session here.

Can I delete a study plan? 

We don't support deleting Study Plans due to the fact that most students wish to be able to review their old study plans at some point, but we do have the ability to archive Study Plans within the Study Plan section and to remove Study Plans from your dashboard!
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