Custom Study Plans

You can now create your own Custom Study Plan tailored to your own study needs and schedule. 

To do so, select Study Plans from the sidebar menu of the platform. Once on that page, select Create study plan. 


You will then be directed to the page below, where you can enter the exam you're studying for, along with the exam date, and your question status preference! Once you've entered that information, select the "Continue" button to finish your plan. 


Once on the next page, enter your weekly study schedule and select the button to "Create plan."


That's it! You now have your own personalized study plan that fits your schedule! You can access it in the Study Plans section of the platform. 


A few things to note:

- Custom Study Plans cannot be created when Clinician Mode is activated. 

- You cannot complete Qbank sessions in Exam mode within a Custom Study Plan. You can, however, do so in our pre-made Study Plans. 

- You cannot modify or delete Custom Study Plans once they are created. You can, however, archive them.  

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