USMLE™ Step 3 Study Tips

The main use of AMBOSS for residents and physicians at this point is as a point of care/clinical decision making support tool. That said, we do have more than 1900 questions that are high-yield for Step 1, Step 2, and the Shelf exams that have also been deemed relevant by the AMBOSS Editorial team for Step 3 and have therefore been included in the Step 3 Qbank. However, we haven’t released an original package yet for this exam, and our editorial team is working on unique content for physicians and for Step 3 prep. 
As of now, our Step 3 content can be used as a supplementary tool for Step 3 study, as all of our content on the platform is linked to ABFM objectives, but not as a sole study tool (for example, we don't have any Step 3 case simulations). 

To access our Step 3 Qbank with high-yield questions:
1. Log in to your AMBOSS account here.
2. On the left sidebar select Qbank > Custom Session
3. Click the drop-down menu and select USMLE Step 3 
4. Apply any other filters you would like to further customize your study session 
5. Click Start on the bottom right corner. Exam mode is designed in a way to simulate your exam, while Study mode allows you to access features that will help you delve into the topics tested in the questions. Learn more about these modes here!

AMBOSS Articles are also great reference resource when used in combination with the Qbank.
To access our Step 3 Library and Articles:
You can open up the corresponding article alongside a question by clicking the underlined keywords in Qbank answer explanations, as shown below:


You can also directly access our entire Knowledge Library here. Alternatively, you can search for key terms in the search bar.​​

You can access our Step 3 Study Plan at this link. Alternatively, you can create your own Custom Study Plan for Step 3 tailored to your own study schedule and exam date at this link

Additionally, if you're using AMBOSS during your residency, you may like to know we offer Management Checklists, Differential Diagnosis, Clinical Drug Database & Dosing, and Clinical Calculators. To use these features, can activate Clinician Mode in the Account Career & Study Profile section of the platform. These features are also available on your mobile device, so you can use AMBOSS on the go! 

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