USMLE™ Step 2 CK Study Tips

AMBOSS has over 3200 dedicated Step 2 CK questions in addition to a comprehensive Knowledge Library containing high-yield highlighting, interactive videos, overlays, and more to help you prepare for Step 2 CK. 
*** A quick tip before using AMBOSS to prepare is to make sure your Study Objective is set to Step 2 CK in the Account > Career & Study Profile section of the platform. This way, your Analysis section will be relative to AMBOSS users preparing for Step 2 CK, and your Learning Recommendations within Analysis will also be relevant to this exam. Additionally, if you decide to activate our Highlight or High-Yield features within the Knowledge Library, the corresponding content will include what the AMBOSS Editorial team has deemed high-yield for Step 2 CK. 

To access our Step 2 CK Qbank with high-yield questions:
1. Log in to your AMBOSS account  here.
2. On the left sidebar select Qbank > Custom Session
3. Click the Exam drop-down menu and select USMLE Step 2 CK
4. Apply any other filters you would like to further customize your study session 
5. Click Start on the bottom right corner. Exam mode is designed in a way to simulate your exam, while Study mode allows you to access features that will help you delve into the topics tested in the questions. Learn more about these modes here!

AMBOSS Articles are also great reference resource when used in combination with the Qbank.
To access our Step 2 CK Library and Articles:
You can open up the corresponding article alongside a question by clicking the underlined keywords in Qbank answer explanations, as shown below:Screen_Shot_2022-11-30_at_4.58.29_PM.pngYou can also directly access our entire Clinical Knowledge Library here. Alternatively, you can search for key terms in the search bar.​​

Our Study Plans have also proven helpful when preparing for Step 2CK. Our Study Plans include pre-made blocks, broken down by system. 
USMLE Step 2 CK Study Plan
USMLE Step 2 CK High-Yield Study Plan (30 Topics in 30 Days)
You also have the option to create your own Study Plan for Step 2 CK, tailored to your own study schedule and exam dates. You can do so here

The AMBOSS blog is a great resource for USMLE study tips. The following are articles related to Step 2CK preparation:

For more tips and tricks on how to prepare for Step 2 CK, check out the AMBOSS Live Webinar: How to Prepare for USMLE Step 2 CK on YouTube!

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