AMBOSS Membership

You can register your AMBOSS account for free without obligation. The 5-day free trial will give you access to the entire AMBOSS platform, including 50 questions from the AMBOSS Qbank! On AMBOSS, we have 2700+ questions for Step 1, 3300+ questions for Step 2, 3600+ questions for your Shelf exams, and 2000+ questions for Step 3.

To continue using AMBOSS after your free trial, you can purchase access on the platform by heading to Account & Settings > Membership & Licenses in the left-side menu. Be sure to check out our Pricing page for more information on that. There are two types of purchases you can make through our store: Memberships and Qbank add-ons. We accept credit cards, debit cards, ApplePay, and PayPal as methods of payment. 


When becoming a member, you can choose between a yearly or monthly AMBOSS membership that provides unlimited access to our comprehensive medical library, along with the ability to answer/review 50 questions per month. Please note that once you've reached your question limit, reviewing answered questions is not possible.

Clinicians can purchase a yearly subscription for $21.58/month ($259 billed yearly) or a monthly subscription for $29.99/month.

For students, we offer discounted prices with a yearly subscription for $10.75/month ($129 billed yearly) or a monthly subscription for $14.99/month. Students also have the option to purchase our Student Life membership for $1199, which grants you unlimited access to both the Library and the Qbank through your first year of residency. 

If you are a student and see Clinician pricing, this is due to your Profile settings. Therefore, please make sure you're registered as a student in the Account & settings > Career & Study Profile section of the platform (you'll see where to update this information at the top of this page). 

Once you are a member, your membership will automatically renew, but you can cancel the membership at any time in the Account & Settings > Membership & Licenses section of the platform. 

Qbank Add-Ons

You can purchase and make use of an unlimited Qbank add-on at any stage, provided you have an active Membership. Please note that an active Membership is a requirement for an unlimited Qbank add-on to function. For this reason, please do not cancel your membership after purchasing a Qbank upgrade.

You can purchase 1 month for $149, 3 months for $189, 6 months for $229, and 12 months for $299. These add-ons do not automatically renew.


State taxes will be applied at checkout for our membership and add-on packages. This way, the amount is deducted in advance, which would otherwise be collected by your state at the end of the year. 

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