Program Overview

Mission statement

The mission of the AMBOSS CME program is to develop a library of articles that provide clinicians with updated, evidence-based, clinically relevant information on a wide range of diseases and conditions, in a concise and accessible format optimized to support learning and clinical decision-making. The expected results of the program are an increase in clinical competence and an improvement in the clinical performance of participants.

Activity description

  • Purpose: To promote the professional development of clinicians and provide support for clinical decision-making.
  • Target audience: Currently practicing clinicians, across various clinical and academic settings internationally
  • Funding source: None
  • Content: CME content is developed by a team of physician authors and editors in a standardized process that includes multi-stage peer review. The research sources that are used include updated best practice guidelines and expert recommendations, are adherent to accepted standards of scientific evidence, and are fully referenced. Content is free of commercial bias and adheres to the ACCME’s Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education.
  • Activity type: CME is offered for eligible articles in the format of an “Internet searching and learning” or “Internet point-of-care” activity, in which the learner self-identifies a particular clinical question or problem, and accesses AMBOSS CME content to search for an answer. The learner then completes a brief survey in which they are asked to identify their initial question and report the impact on their practice of any information learned.
  • Educational objective: Clinicians will be able to locate updated, evidence-based information to answer a clinical question, and apply this information to various aspects of patient care and management, including the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of a range of diseases and disorders.

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