How to cite the AMBOSS Knowledge Library, Qbank, and Videos (for non-commercial use)

A full reference should occur somewhere, and there are 2 options: either directly under the content itself or in a dedicated reference section.

If the full reference is in a different location than the item, then at least a short citation must be used directly under the content item as so:©

Under references (e.g., at the end of a presentation or paper) please cite as so: AMBOSS GmbH.Title of content item. Accessed Month day, year.

Note: Not all images are AMBOSS copyrighted. For such images, the responsible parties must be consulted for determining usage and/or citation. Many images do have a creative common license. Therefore, please reach out to our team via the icon on the bottom right corner of your screen if you'd like to use images on AMBOSS. 

Additionally, please reach out to us for more information you're citing AMBOSS content for commercial use. 

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