AMBOSS Chrome Browser Extension

Download our Chrome browser extension from the Chrome web store here for support throughout your study sessions or while working in the hospital. The extension allows you to view short definitions without an AMBOSS account and, therefore free of charge and without obligation. In order to open the linked AMBOSS content, however, you'll need an AMBOSS account with active access.

Browser Extension Features:

- Works seamlessly with all websites in the Chrome browser on the desktop (usage on smartphone/tablet is currently not possible)
- Integrates AMBOSS search into your search engine
- Provides you with in-depth knowledge on a topic whenever you need it
- Gives an overview of all medical terms and definitions by clicking on the AMBOSS logo in the browser bar
-Available in German and English

If you want to disable the extension for specific websites, you can do this via Website Settings by using the toggle function.

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 12.22.30 PM.png
As we are currently still in the testing phase, we are very grateful for any feedback that helps us improve the browser-extension.
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