AMBOSS Chrome Browser Extension

All the medical terms and AMBOSS articles to support you throughout your study session at the computer or while looking for something in the hospital. Download the browser-extension here in the chrome web store.

√ Learn and read at the same time
√ Get exactly the knowledge you need at the right moment
√ Connect your knowledge platform with your browser
√ Get in-depth knowledge on a topic, whenever you need it
√ Available in German and English

As we are currently still in the testing phase, we are very grateful for any feedback that helps us improve the browser-extension.


Does the browser extension also work on mobile?
Unfortunately not. Currently, the browser extension only works on the desktop.

Can I deactivate the browser extension on certain sites?
No problem, just click on the AMBOSS logo in your browser and then deactivate it.

Do I need an AMBOSS account to use it?
No, you can see all the tooltips without an account. If you want to continue reading about the topic, you would need to log in so you can access our library. 

Can I deactivate it for terms I already know?
Yes! Just select the term you want to blacklist, then right-click it and choose “blacklist term”.

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