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Our Library Articles contain many tools and features that help you organize your study and point to the areas you need to focus on according to their importance and your progress so far. 

High-Yield mode

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When toggled, this feature will hide all the information in this Article that has been deemed low-yield, leaving the content that you need to study in relation to your exam. The High-Yield function recognizes important content in relation to your Study Objective, so make sure to have that updated!

Key exam info 

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 10.04.05 AM.pngOur Key exam info toggle highlights all of the most High-Yield content for your exam, while also allowing you to view the article's entire content. It highlight texts and images in 3 different shades of yellow, according to how important this information is. The darkest tone signifies the most important information. The text will be highlighted based on your Study Objective as well.
This feature also points out information in an Article related to a question that was previously answered incorrectly and the respective content will be underlined in red. With this uniquely powerful feature AMBOSS helps you to catch and correct mistakes as you go. For as long as the feature stays enabled, that same information will remain red in the Article until you revisit that particular concept in the Qbank session. If you get that question right, the text will go back to black.
The more questions you go through, the more precise the Learning Radar gets, providing you with a much more efficient approach to studying. It’s immediate feedback on what you should focus on more, allowing you to hone in on gaps and close them - all without having to go through the entire topic over again. You can learn more about this feature here


My Highlighting

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The personal highlighting feature in AMBOSS allows you to highlight any text within an AMBOSS article so you can refer back to it later. You can learn more about this feature here!  

Mark as 'learned'

If you've studied an Article, you can mark it as Learned, which can help identify it in the future when reviewing content. If you are using the AMBOSS Knowledge app, you can find all your Learned Articles under your Lists. 

Start a Qbank session

To test your knowledge of the content of an Article, you can start a Qbank session by clicking this button. The questions of a session based on an article can have a direct or an indirect learning point, based on the answer options of the questions. 

You can then filter further according to whether you have worked on these questions before, or select Refine, which will take you to the Custom Session overview to further filter your session.AMBOSS_QuestionSession_Filter.png


With our notes feature, you can add your own personalized notes at the end of any section in a Library article. To do so, just select the "Notes" icon on the bottom right corner of a section. 


A text box will then appear where you can enter any text that you'd like. Just make sure to click the "Save" button to save these notes. The saved notes will appear in your Knowledge App as well. 


You can learn more about this feature here

Clinical Drug Database

With this feature, you can search for a specific drug and see AHFS (American Hospital Formulary Service) information, in addition to information from the AMBOSS Editorial team.

Screen_Shot_2021-11-16_at_6.04.27_PM.png To access this feature, just enter a drug name into the search bar on the desktop version of the platform, or in our AMBOSS Knowledge App. You can learn more about this feature here

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