Access to Anki Mobile Support (Beta)

Anki Mobile Support (Beta) has been rolled out to all users of the AMBOSS Add-on for Anki. If the AMBOSS Add-on is installed on your computer and you are logged into the add-on with your AMBOSS account, you should have automatically received an update notification with instructions for enabling mobile support in your settings.

If the update notification is not presented to you, please follow these steps:

  • Go to AMBOSS → Settings
  • Check the check mark under “Enable Mobile Support (Beta)"
  • Confirm by clicking "Save"
  • Sync your devices to see changes on mobile

If you have not installed the Anki mobile app on your device yet, you can download it via the links provided for iOS (AnkiMobile app) and Android (AnkiDroid app). For an optimal experience, we highly recommend keeping your system and apps updated.

Please also note that in order to enable the AMBOSS pop-up explanations on mobile, you need an AnkiWeb account to sync the desktop version of Anki with your mobile devices as well as an AMBOSS account with active access.

You can create your AMBOSS account and activate your 5-day-free trial here!

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