AMBOSS Self-Assessment Results & Predictability

Can I access my completed self-assessment after the event is over?

Yes, you’ll be able to access and review your completed self-assessment question blocks and report for 1 month after the event is over, as long as you have access to AMBOSS. You can also review your strengths and weaknesses, as well as delve into your recommended Articles.

How predictive are AMBOSS Self-Assessments?

Just like the real Step exams, AMBOSS Self-Assessments place students on a scale relative to their peers who are taking the self-assessment at the same time. Our questions are tested and have been scrutinized by students in prior years, and we’re confident they're high-quality and representative of what you will see on exam day.

The reports we release also make reference to the relative distribution of topics on the actual exams. Feel free to check out our recent blog post on how our recent self-assessment score is calculated and interpreted: Step 2 CK Self-Assessment: How the Score is Calculated.

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