Any dog or cat parents?

I have both of my rescue cats with me now, originally I had to separate them because I could only fly back with one cat due to COVID restrictions. Thankfully we're all reunited and doing well now. I was just curious how others' found having their pets around (or not around) during the past year or so? Do you think it played a role in how you adjusted to school / clinical rotations?

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    Hi Sadik! I rescued my dog last September and while there were some difficult times, overall I was so grateful to have her with me during my long days of studying, especially during dedicated. It was so good for my mental health to have a pet to love on and to force me to get outside and get some exercise. I am just starting my clinical rotations, and it is definitely an adjustment for both of us with me being gone more often, but so far she is adjusting well and it makes me so happy coming home to her after a long day in the ED! 

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