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Hey there, newly minted M4 here! With residency apps coming up soon, does anyone have any tips or "must-do's" for applying? Like making spreadsheets or calendars, resources, ways for stress relief, etc? What advice have you received? Thanks, and good luck to everyone!
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    Hello! New M4 here as well! The process is definitely overwhelming as we are still in rotations and wrapping up out 4th year requirements, so I wish you the best of luck! It seems that interviews will be virtual this year (at least for sure virtual for FM programs). I think a great piece of advice someone gave me is to set up a place in your home or find an area (can even be at your school) where you would feel comfortable having your interviews. Seems like a white wall is the safest option but personally I like the idea of adding a little personality to my interview space!

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