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MS3 here finishing up last 2 core rotations this July till September. My scheduled is a bit tight affected by COVID the school gave me gaps between rotations and everything is delayed. I will not have a dedicated study period/break to prepare for STEP2CK. Any advice of best to prepare for STEP2CK? What should I do? Any advice is appreciated thank you!

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    I would try to do a question block on uworld a day and if you are an anki person, I would do those on any down time you have. When are you planning on taking the exam?

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    I would recommend doing as many questions on UWorld and AMBOSS as you can. I had a one-week dedicated period, but prior to that week, I was in the middle of my rotations, so I just tried my best to spend as much time doing practice questions without compromising my learning from that rotations. I also used Anki, which would allow me to get some studying done during down time, or while you're eating lunch, etc. 

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    Divine podcasts are good as well for passive studying!

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    I'd recommend a mix between anki and Uworld practice questions.

    Anki should be used for pure content you should suspend cards you feel comfortable with moving forward. Uworld practice questions is, as everyone knows, the best. However, sometimes we forget things that we learn from the practice questions which is why making your own anki cards from the questions you missed or unsuspending anki cards from the questions you miss would be great as well.

    In the next 2 months, if possible, go through all the anki step 2 cards you feel like you don't know as well as Uworld. Best of luck

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    I am currently studying for Step 2CK with a limited amount of time and I am using the following resources: 


    -AMBOSS High-Yield Step 2 CK study plan (this is so helpful! it gives you 30 high yield topic articles with 5 associated questions- it is manageable to do 1 a day while on rotations or during a dedicated study period) 

    -AMBOSS fact sheets (finding these super helpful for topics that are easy to confuse like childhood rashes) 

    -Devine Intervention Rapid Review Podcasts (there are a lot but I try to listen to 1-2 a day while on a mid-day walk)  

    Hope this helps! 

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    I completely understand where you're coming from and I want to start by letting you know that the STEP 2 questions are much more straightforward than STEP 1. You will be surprised how many questions you'll remember due to your rotations. Uworld is the gold standard, but I felt that the AMBOSS qbank also provided excellent resources to allow you to get more information about diseases in case you felt that the Uworld explanation didn't give you everything you were looking for!

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    I will try out AMBOSS STEP2 high yield plan too if I have time. 

    Sounds like UWORLD is the way to go tho from all the suggestions I have read so far. Just hope that the actual STEP2CK questions are similar in style to UWORLD. 

    I am 5/6 weeks out right now till my target time to take STEP2 by first week of September. Studying for STEP2 while being on rotations is definitely a hard balance. I just started divine podcast from all the suggestions I got here! I will not finish OBGYN by the time I take STEP2 hopefully I will be fine. Thank you for all the suggestions  :) 

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