How do you incorporate Amboss into your step 2 studying during during clinical rotations?

Do you guys use the study plan? If you miss a day do you go back and do it later, or just move on?
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    Hi Tomas, what I do is follow the customized study plan and move on if I miss a day (go back and do it later if time allows). However what I find really helpful is looking up the topics that I found confusing during the rotation with the AMBOSS library. It helped improve my comprehension of the topic because it gave me a real life example to compare with an organized table.

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    Hi Tomas! One AMBOSS feature I found very helpful when studying for Step 2 while on rotations was the specific question bank associated with a card in the knowledge library. Similar to what MM mentioned, I primarily used the knowledge library when I came across a weak topic for me either on the wards or while studying. After skimming the card and using the highlight feature to review the high-yield information, I would click the Qbank session associated with that card to apply the material I just reviewed. For example, ethics was one of my weak spots. So, I reviewed the medical law and ethics card one day early in the week followed by completing the Qbank associated with that card towards the end of the week so as not to confound myself with short-term retention. I found this feature helpful to improve my weak subjects. I hope this helps!

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    Hi Tomas!

    I tried using the study plans from AMBOSS, but as other users can attest, I found that it was difficult for me to reconcile certain articles that I hadn't had exposure to before with the questions. Those articles were more useful for looking up management or other issues as I came across it during my clinical rotations or while studying. However, I find that doing the AMBOSS questions throughout the day during my rotation- during any downtime, has been the most beneficial to me. I personally find that AMBOSS has a massive question library that I find to be incredibly useful but also incredibly intimidating if you don't have that much time during rotations. Therefore, I've been using it as a way to see as many different question styles as possible. I'll look quickly at the question and utilize AMBOSS to train my speed at recognizing important information (which I'll double check with the highlight tool) and then select an answer based off of my best guess. If it's incorrect, I find that I'll be able to come back to it later on in my studying. I have a study plan for myself that has me completing all of my study material one week prior to the shelf exam so that I can utilize that last week to redo any incorrect questions, visit those articles which my "study plan recommendations" suggest, and to get a better grasp on the material with whatever time I happen to have. I hope this helps!

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