Any Plant Parents Here?

Any plant parents here?

I'm starting an indoor pepper plant garden! So far, I have jalepeno and blood orange pepper plants but hoping to expand this with a serano pepper plant and thai chilli plant. I'm optimistic about my new plants but recently had a fiddle plant die on me. :')

Any gardening or indoor plant care advice is greatly appreciated!

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    I really enjoy gardening too! My family and I mostly plant things outdoors, including different types of pepper plants. The biggest issue I've had with indoor plants whenever I bring in my plants during winter is them not receiving enough sunlight or too much water. Probably simple advice, but do you have sun-facing window / LED grow lights for the plants? Last time I bought a cheap LED grow light on Amazon and it worked out great for a tomato plant I did! I also tried to water the plant a little less than I usually do since the water didn't evaporate as quickly indoors as it does outdoors. Hope this helps somewhat!

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