QBank Session Sharing and Question Searching

Hello, I think it would be a great idea to create an ID system for questions to allow question sessions to be shared and specific questions to be searched. I had a study partner for step 1 where we would do the same block of 40 questions then review together, and I found that method extremely helpful to learning and retaining information. My study partner and I were able to reason and verbalize thought processes, which helped to improve test taking skills. Allowing the opportunity to share a question session will be able to reach a greater degree of study personalities. Furthermore, the ID system will allow students to search specific questions to focus on a topic or all questions containing a specific term. Question searching will help create focused question sessions and better improve scores.

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    Hi William,

    This is a great idea! We've received several requests for this, and our Product team is currently assessing whether it's right for AMBOSS. If they decide that it is, then they'll add it! I've forwarded your request for this directly to them, so that they can be aware of how important it is to you. Thank you so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it!

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    I agree, this would be immensely helpful.

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