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Hi everyone! 

My name is Jazmin and I am a rising MS3. If I can give any advice about studying during dedicated is to take breaks! I use Sunday as a complete "OFF" day. This day is for grocery shopping, relaxing with family, cleaning, and hanging out with friends. It is the best reset for another busy week. I recommend everyone pick some sort of off-day weekly to give your brain a rest and to recharge!


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    Totally agree with this post!

    Taking whole days off during dedicated kept me sane throughout and helped me reset. Its important to schedule in these rest days so what I would do is I would schedule lunch outings with my friends or time with my family beforehand. I would have moments the night before where I would begin to feel guilty for taking a rest day but I would feel so much better after the fact and ready to do more studying!


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    I completely agree that rest is necessary for long-term success! I similarly took a whole day off per week to do life things and reset for the following week. However, there are definitely other ways to do things. If it's uncomfortable or anxiety-provoking to take a whole day off from studying, you can instead take two half-days off per week. Ends up having similar benefits and may ease the mind or be more conducive to your schedule.

    One more thing -- you are all smart people. Believe in yourself and don't compare yourself to others. Dedicated can be a rollercoaster ride but just chip away at it and as long as you're learning something every study day, you're making progress.

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    Everyone has made some great points! I think it's very important to take a day just to relax and decompress because my biggest fear is always burn out. I was told a long time ago that medical school is a marathon, not a sprint so I should pace myself. This becomes more true with each passing day so I always try to make sure that I take at least one day to do anything but study. Although we all feel guilty because we aren't studying every waking minute, it took me a while to realize that taking a break and coming back to studying is far more useful than trying to grind through studying nonstop, and like AR said, you are all smart people and believing in yourself is probably one of the most important things! Always build yourself up with positive thoughts which can be impossible at times, but just know that you have the skills and drive to achieve greatness!

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