Advice for M3 Clinical Shelf Exams

What are the best ways to learn in 3rd year? How do you incorporate Amboss into your daily learning and exam prep? 

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    Hi there! You'll probably hear this from several med students, but key to third year is practice questions! Be aware of what themes of questions you are getting incorrect, and try and brush up on those areas. I.e. prenatal screenings in OBGYN or shoulder pain in Family Medicine.

    I felt like I did best when I had other classmates to talk out different key topics too. I really like AMBOSS summary tables and really piecing out what makes each diagnosis different from another.

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    Just to add to the last comment. I found that doing questions and creating Anki cards on the information I got wrong helped me. I would then follow it with reading over articles/questions specific to those questions I got wrong (via the Amboss platform).

    This process helped reinforce the information that I didn't know and was a better use of my time. Everyone has their own unique style of studying. There's no one right way to do things. 

    - "There's more than one way to skin a cat"

    Hope that helps


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    So let's say you're in your Pediatrics Rotation, ideally you'd be doing Amboss Pediatrics questions daily while studying (you can reserve your UWorld blocks for weekends off). I usually divide the number of total questions by the days of the rotation (e.g. 400 Pediatrics questions and 25 week days to study means 16 questions per day. I used 25 week days since my rotation was 6 weeks, but I like to finish studying by the 5th week, so 5x5= 25 week days. Saturdays and Sundays reserved for Uworld so 5 instead of 7 days.)

    Some of the questions may include topics you haven't studied or covered yet, but don't avoid them. Analyze and make your best guess, using it as a learning opportunity to help you get ahead and improve on your exam taking strategy (don't get hung up on whether you got the answer right or wrong).

    In the last week of preparation before the shelf, use NBME practice forms just to get accustomed to the format. 

    Best of luck!

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    Look at the treatment plans and the assessments when you're working with the physicians or residents. Looking up algorithms on UpToDate will be very helpful, cuz if your attending starts asking you where you're getting your source, most of them are very aware of UpToDate. AMBOSS library tbh is also very good, but doctors don't know it as much.

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