Anyone play an instrument?

If you do, did you pick it up in medical school? I started learning piano near the end of my dedicated and I basically like where my progress is going, even though it's hard 😅
Clerkships just started and I see my time starting to reduce but I'm determined to keep at it.

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    That is wonderful to hear Obi (no pun intended)! My name is Emily and I am an AMBOSS Ambassador! I love music and it is definitely an excellent way to destress throughout medical school! I've been playing flute since I was four. Piano is such a beautiful instrument. I'm sure you'll keep it up! 

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    I started learning piano when I was 6yo and guitar when I was about 11yo. Both instruments meant a lot to me as I grew up- piano being a major part of the culture in my household. In college and grad school I became glued to my guitars and even got a job at guitar center for fun on the side. I started to play a whole bunch and saw my abilities grow exponentially in those years. During med school I bought an 8-string guitar thinking I was going to master it and start playing like my favorite 8-stringed virtuosos. Unfortunately, that has yet to happen! I was hoping 3rd year would give me some more free time to practice, but judging by your post I may be pushing back my 8-string learning a little more lol.


    Stoked you're playing piano now! It is definitely a great instrument to learn and the foundation to learning more!

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    That is so great Obi! I also play the piano (my mom is actually a piano teacher so I've been learning from her since I was a kid) and have been trying to keep it up throughout med school. It's a hard instrument but it is so beautiful! Keep it up :) 

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