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I am about to start my 4th semester of the second year of Medical School in the Caribbean. It is true, what they say, you really do have to teach yourself. I found out about AMBOSS from the very first semester right before COVID hit. To say that it has saved my education, is an understatement. I am constantly trying to educate my other colleagues on the power of AMBOSS. You will have a lot of students only care about the questions and they will complain not geared towards them. At least the first year at my school, and the way they gear the curriculum it is pretty difficult. What I tell them is about the power that is within. If they are willing I will walk them through to see the copious amounts of information in AMBOSS and all in one place. Also, where no one can touch AMBOSS is in the overlays with histo and xrays. Once you show students that, most are hooked. I am extremely grateful how AMBOSS is always continuing to upgrade its product. It is surpassing the other products that are out there. I do wish they would add some more videos. Would be fantastic if there could be Sketchy integrated. If there is any possibility of that, please let me know and I will be more than happy to be a tester for that. Any who, just wanted to post that if people think that they don't need it til year 2 or further you can definitely prove them wrong.

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    Agreed! I've been using AMBOSS since my first semester of M1 year and I loved using it paired with my courses. I am currently starting my 3rd year and I am on my surgery rotation, so I'm taking advantage of the study plans for preparing for my shelf exam. I like that it gives you a little information to tackle each day and then by the end of the 2-month clerkship I'm sure I'll be happy to have something that it helped prevent any procrastination that I may or may not still have ;-). Lolz. 

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