How do I subscribe?

I want to use amboss, but I'm not quite sure how to use your membership options. I want unlimited questions for 6 months, what do I pick?

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    Hey there, welcome to the community :)

    We've split our access options into a Membership and an optional Unlimited Qbank upgrade. In order to access AMBOSS, you need to have an active Membership, which gives unlimited Library access and 50 questions a month in our Qbank. You're able to purchase this in Monthly or Yearly increments, and it automatically renews (unless you choose not to).

    If you plan on answering more than 50 questions a month, then you want the Unlimited Qbank upgrade! This will let you answer as many questions as you'd like. Our Library is fully integrated into our Qbank, so the Membership is required in order for your unlimited Qbank upgrade to function. The Qbank upgrade doesn't renew automatically, so you never need to worry about it accidentally renewing! You're of course always able to purchase more if you'd like.

    If you'd like to have access for 6 months, then I recommend you get the Monthly Membership and the 6 month Unlimited Qbank upgrade! This will have you covered for 6 months of unlimited questions, and if you stay subscribed to the Membership after that, you'll be able to still use our Library. You're always welcome to cancel the Membership after those 6 months as well!

    - Brandon

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