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I have the Anki add-on added, but I don't see any deck appearing

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    Hi Grace! Our Anki add-on doesn't come with a deck, as it's just a tool that works with other decks! It takes any cards that you already have, and it detects whether there is a term present in the AMBOSS library. If there is, it underlines that term, and you can hover over it to make the term's AMBOSS definition appear. You're also able to click in the appearing window to head straight over to the AMBOSS page for the term! 

    If you don't have any cards in your Anki, then you're welcome to make your own, or find some online. They can be found in many places, with two examples being the Anking Step 1 deck, and various Zanki decks as well.

    If you're new to Anki, then I also recommend you check out our introductory video to it in a collaboration with Anking, which you can get to by clicking here.

    - Brandon

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