How to View A specific Question about Your Studying Topic in library

Hi Guys , It Is my Honor to be one of the firsts here , Today I am gonna Showing you How to open A specific Question about a topic you are Studying in Amboss Library  , Let's Go !!

 If you Are Using The Browser not the App:.  
  1. For Example " Hypertension Topic
  2. Open Qbank 
  3. Choose Custom Session
  4. Now choose what you want
  5. We will start first by the topic we want " Hypertension"
  6. That is it .. now let us be more specific if we want , I want A question About A specific System in our body ? About pathology ? About Pharmacology ? That is it let us give it A try :
  7. Choose A specific symptoms you want to see
  8. Systems?
  9. Discipline?
  10. Now .. those are my choices .. let's see what we got here ❤️:
  11. At the bottom of the page you Can see the number of Questions with your Choices
  12. Here is our first matched Question , yup , asking About Pharmacology with Hypertension, Amazing !!

Now if you are in the library App , just open your topic then at the bottom , choose to solve questions about your topic , then you should have the " Qbank App"
That works with " qbank Beta App if you Are A beta tester "
Or simply You can go through the previous steps but in " Qbank App"

  • Thank you ❤️
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    Great post! Very helpful for anyone trying to do this. And congrats on being one of our first messages :)

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