Activating your Campus License/Trial: Access Code

If you received an AMBOSS access code as part of your university's Campus License or Trial, you can redeem the code in your AMBOSS account to activate your access. In most cases, your access code should have been sent to your university email account by AMBOSS.

Here’s how you can redeem your access code: 

  1. Create an AMBOSS account or log in to an existing account if you have one. Both actions can be done on the login page.
  2. Once your account profile is set up or you are logged in to your existing account, click Account > Activate Institutional License on the left-side menu of the platform.Screen_Shot_2022-12-13_at_1.10.31_PM.png
  3. Enter your code in the field under Enter Your Unique Code in the bottom half of the screen and click the Redeem Code button. Please ignore the Activate Campus License field at the top of the page!Screen_Shot_2022-12-13_at_1.18.19_PM.png

After your code is redeemed, you can begin studying with AMBOSS!

If you run into any issues with this process, please reach out to our team via the icon on the bottom right of this page and we'll help you as soon as we can.


** It is not possible to redeem your Campus License access code on a mobile device, you must do so on the desktop version of the platform. 

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