AMBOSS + Boards & Beyond : Activating your access

Through our special bundle, your access to AMBOSS will start automatically, immediately following purchase.

Your access to Boards & Beyond needs to be activated using the access code in the pop-up that will appear after making your purchase in AMBOSS. The code can also be found in AMBOSS, in your Account > Membership & Licenses section.

To activate your Boards & Beyond access, please follow these steps:

1. Go to and fill in your basic information
to create an account and activate your new subscription. (If you already have a
subscription, log in and select “My Subscription” under your profile picture. From
there, you can “Extend Subscription” or “Purchase Subscription” and select the
appropriate product.)

2. Select the appropriate subscription option. (If you already have one, click the
“Checkout” button.)

3. Click the toggle next to “Do you have a promo code”

4. Enter the code that appeared in the pop-up in AMBOSS into the “Promo Code” field and click “Apply.”

5. Fill out your academic information and billing address. (If you already have a
subscription, you don’t need to do this again.)

6. Your amount payable will appear as $0.00.

7. Click the “Checkout” button. (If you already have a subscription, the button will say


If you need any help, feel free to get in touch with our team anytime through our contact form

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