AMBOSS + Boards & Beyond Bundle

Your favorite Step 1 resources join forces — for one awesome limited period offer!

Feel free to check out the details of our partnership here

What is Boards & Beyond? 

Boards & Beyond provides an on-demand video library of high-quality lectures for medical students. 

What are their most popular videos? 

Some of their most popular videos include the legendary Brainstem lecture, the Basic Immunology video covering The Complement System, and the consistently high-yield Epidemiology module with the study designs video.

When can I purchase the bundle? 

You're welcome to purchase from July 12-18, 2021 following this link. Please note that there are a limited number of bundles available. 

How long will I have access? 

The bundle will give you 12 months of access to all AMBOSS content (content for all Step exams, including the Qbank, Library, and Anki add-on) and 12 months of access to Boards & Beyond for Step 1 (all Step 1 content, including videos, slides, and questions).

How do I get access after making my purchase?

Your access to AMBOSS will start automatically, immediately following purchase.
Your access to Boards & Beyond needs to be activated using the access code in the pop-up that will appear after making your purchase in AMBOSS. The code can also be found in AMBOSS, in your Account > Membership & Licenses section. To activate your Boards & Beyond access, please follow these steps.

Does my access begin immediately? 

Yes, your access to AMBOSS will begin immediately. You can check this article on how to activate your access to Boards & Beyond using the unique access code you’ll receive following purchase.

Will I receive a refund for my past purchase? 

For this specific offer, past purchases are not eligible for a refund. 

Is this offer eligible for a refund? 

As this is a special bundle, our 30-day Money Back Guarantee does not apply.

How many bundles can I purchase? 

Our shop has a limited number of bundles that are available until they sell out. It is possible to purchase only one bundle. 


If you have any questions about the bundle, feel free to reach us through our contact form. We're here to help!

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