Knowledge App Overview

On our Knowledge app, you will find our medical library available wherever you are. In addition, it allows you to group articles in lists so that you can easily find the information you need at all times and keep track of what you studied. 

You can see the same Library overview as on the desktop site, as well as a search bar. At the bottom, you can access the ‘Lists’ section and the app's settings. 



  • Recents: here you can see those articles that you have read in the app most recently, along with the date you opened them.
  • Favorites: this list shows those articles that you have marked as 'favorites' in the app, allowing you to save some specific ones if you want to have them on hand quickly.
  • Studied: you can find the articles you have marked as 'studied' in the app and 'learned' on the desktop.



You can directly open the Qbank app, access the Help Center, and change your Study Objective. Also, in this section, you can keep your app synchronized and your content up to date:


  • Offline access: it allows you to see how many days are left until you have to refresh the offline access. Once it's finished, just tap here and then, 'refresh'.


  • Synchronization: any changes made to our library content appear automatically in the desktop version of AMBOSS, but you must update your Knowledge app to reflect those changes. If you prefer, you can also activate the option so that the updates are downloaded automatically via WiFi.
  • Keep screen active: by activating this option, you will prevent your device from going into sleep mode while you are reading articles.
  • Quick define: if this option is active, you can review topics by tapping underlined words in the article you are reading. You can also see a preview before jumping into another topic by pressing the term.

In addition, in the section ‘Your Notes’ you can consult the notes you write both on the Knowledge app and on the desktop Library. In this way, you will be able to check them out anytime and open the corresponding article by just tapping 'Show in article'.


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