Qbank App Features

You can find different learning features that will help you study when using our Qbank app. 

Once you start a Qbank session, you can see in the bottom bar the icons for the Attending Tip and Key Info functions, which work in the same way as in our desktop version. 


Additionally, in the lower right corner, you will find a menu icon (the ellipsis symbol). Tap it and several options will be displayed, such as a button to view the questions fullscreen, as well as some other features:


  • Reveal Answer selects automatically the right answer to the question you are working on. This question won't appear as resolved correctly in your statistics, but as 'given up' in the app and as 'answered incorrectly' on the desktop site.
  • Lab Values show various scales of laboratory values ​​ so that you can have them at hand when studying.
  • Analysis displays the percentage of correct questions for the current session, indicating how many have been answered with and without help. In addition, you can check your Qbank session list or tap the ‘Study recommendations’ button which will redirect you to our desktop site.


  • Exam mode allows you to take your Qbank session without helping features such as ‘Key Info’ or ‘Attending tip’, and without answer explanations. Please note that in this case, it is not a replica of the actual exam layout, as it happens on our website.
  • Hide answer choices and Show after 1st try are the same options that you can activate and deactivate from the "Settings" section of the app. You can use these toggle buttons without leaving the Qbank session you are working on.
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