Clinician Mode Features Overview

Our Clinician Mode has been created by physicians to offer highly comprehensive content in a practical way so you can use it during your residency to quickly access accurate and reliable medical content when you need it.
While it is designed to best meet the needs of internal medicine residents (primary PGY1-2), it also includes topics from other specialties (especially EM, general surgery, and family medicine).


By selecting the Clinician option in the dropdown menu on the top-left of the platform or selecting the Clinician toggle at the top of relevant articles in our Knowledge Library, you will access these additional features:

  • Drug suggestions with recommended dosages adapted to common medical emergencies.
  • Evidence-based content supported by guidelines and primary literature that you can check by tapping on the underlined texts.
  • Integrated calculators for important clinical scores.

  • Management checklists so you don’t skip any important steps.
  • Clinical approaches with emphasis on flowcharts to help you make the right decisions.
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