AMBOSS Membership: How does it work?

You can register your AMBOSS account for free without obligation. The 5-day free trial will give you access to the entire AMBOSS platform. At AMBOSS we have 2,600+ questions for Step 1, 2,300+ questions for Step 2 CK and 900+ bonus questions for Step 3, so there is plenty to explore!

To continue using AMBOSS after your free trial, you can purchase one of our memberships. An AMBOSS membership includes unlimited access to our comprehensive medical library and 50 questions per month. If you would like to upgrade to unlimited questions per month, you can simply purchase an upgrade on top of your existing membership. You can upgrade at any time for the length of time that you choose!

An active Membership is required for a Qbank upgrade to function. For this reason, we recommend that you do not cancel your Membership after purchasing a Qbank upgrade.

Once you are a member, your membership will automatically renew, but you can upgrade or change your membership at any time. 

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