AMBOSS COVID-19 Initiatives

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a major challenge for medical students, universities, and healthcare providers.

Here at AMBOSS, we see it as our duty to provide you with the greatest possible support during this time. We’ve developed a number of programs to help you continue your learning, as well as confidently process and apply your medical knowledge at the point of care.

For Clinicians

Our COVID-19 related content is now available in English, Spanish, and German in our medical knowledge library and can be accessed for free.

For Students

We know that many medical students around the world have been impacted by COVID-19, whether that has meant that they have had to enter hospitals and graduate early, had their exams postponed or canceled, or suffered financial burdens. Here at AMBOSS we have started a number of initiatives to help medical students during this time. 

AMBOSS Online Courses

AMBOSS has launched a number of comprehensive online courses that cover clinical and clerkship-focused topics. Each online course consists of a series of Qbank session blocks, accompanied by the relevant Library Articles. To access these courses you need to have AMBOSS access, but there is no additional cost.

In light of COVID-19, several of our partnering institutions have integrated these courses into their curriculums and providing verified certificates upon their completion.

You can find all of our available courses here, including information on how you can request integration of these courses into your curriculum.

COVID-19 material for Students

Many students are currently undertaking clinical tasks, and our team wants to support them during these challenging times. Our physician editors have assembled AMBOSS COVID-19-related material for students, which you can find here.


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