Resetting your statistics

Deleting your Qbank sessions

You can delete your individual Qbank sessions at any time by following these steps:

  1. Go to Dashboard from the left-side navigation
  2. Click the three dots next to the session you wish to delete and select Delete         AMBOSS_QBankSession_Delete.png

Deleting sessions in this way will not affect their status as Answered or Not yet Answered. It is not possible to reset, or exclude individual sessions from your overall statistics.

Resetting your statistics & Learning Recommendations
While resetting your statistics may make sense in some cases, we believe that altering them will take away from your learning experience. 
This is because the statistics calculator would recognize previously answered questions as having never been answered. Your personal study recommendations would therefore become increasingly inaccurate and less helpful to you.
The overall-statistics diagram for all multiple-choice sessions includes every question, as often as you have answered it.   
If you really do need to reset your statistics, you can find the option by heading to Edit profile under your account. 
AMBOSS_Profile.pngAMBOSS_ResetStatistics.pngPlease read the warnings fully before committing to resetting your statistics, as this process cannot be undone.

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