Dark Mode

The AMBOSS Knowledge app supports both Light and Dark modes. To change appearance, please follow the steps below:

1. Tap on the Settings icon in the bottom right corner when on the Knowledge App


2. Select Appearance


3. Choose between System, Light, or Dark


- System will make the app appearance follow the system preferences of your phone (e.g., if you set your phone to Dark in the system settings of your device, the AMBOSS app will automatically follow these settings). This feature is only available for Android 10 and above.
- Light will keep your AMBOSS app in light mode.
- Dark will keep your AMBOSS app in dark mode.


*** If you have our latest app version but do not see the Dark Mode option in Settings, please head to the Settings overview page and make sure the Library is updated. If you're still unable to access this mode after updating the Library, please reach out to our Support team via the icon on the top right corner of this screen. 

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