Using Anki & Qbank Integration through the Anki Browse Window

This feature grants you the ability to launch a new AMBOSS Qbank session tailored for you directly from the Anki Browse window. To do so: 

  1.  Open the Browse window of Anki.
  2. Select a group of Anki cards using the existing tagging structure, e.g., all the cards with the “embryology” tag from the AnKing deck.
  3. Launch a new session by clicking on the "Start Qbank Session" button.
  4. Select the number of questions for the session, difficulty, and status.
  5. Test yourself on the selected topic!

The cards can be selected using Ctrl+Left Click (on Windows) or Cmd+Left Click (on macOS), by using the search bar, or by right-clicking one of the tags to start an AMBOSS Qbank session related to that tag.

Before launching the session in the external browser, you can specify the number of questions for that session, the difficulty level (1 to 5 hammers), and the status (unanswered, answered correctly, answered correctly using hints, or answered incorrectly). The study goal is based on the objective previously selected in your AMBOSS profile.

If you think that any of the questions retrieved are not relevant to the selected topic, please feel free to contact the AMBOSS Support or leave us a message here.

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