Using Anki & Qbank Integration through the Widget

This feature grants you the ability to launch a new AMBOSS Qbank session tailored for you directly from Anki. To do so:

  1. Open the Anki app.
  2. Scroll down to the new AMBOSS Qbank widget.
  3. Select the number of questions you want to do in the session.
  4. Start a new question session with one click!

The questions suggested are based on the unsuspended Anki cards that you have most recently matured (up to a max of 2000 most recent cards) and are tailored to your study objective and your Qbank progress.

You will get suggested only new AMBOSS questions that you haven’t seen before for Qbank sessions started from the Qbank widget. The new session will be opened directly within Anki in the AMBOSS viewer. If you prefer, you can also open the session on an external browser clicking on the icon on the top right of AMBOSS viewer.

Please note: In case you don’t want to see the Qbank widget on your Anki home screen anymore, you can disable it in the AMBOSS settings from Anki’s main screen. To do so, head to AMBOSS → Settings, un-check the check mark under “Enable Qbank widget on home screen (beta)“, and then hit Save.

Troubleshooting: Qbank widget not finding questions

There are two main reasons why the Qbank widget says that it couldn’t find any questions:
1. 0 questions matching 0 matured cards.

If you have 0 questions and 0 matured cards, then you would need to progress through your deck and mature some Anki cards in order to get matching questions for the integration. Matured cards (as defined by the Anki manual) have an interval of 21 days or greater. The Qbank widget only takes unsuspended matured cards into consideration.

2. 0 questions matching N matured cards.

In this case, the reason why you aren’t getting any matching questions is that you have already seen and answered all the questions related to your most recently matured Anki cards, or there are no available questions for those topics. In this case, we suggest launching the Qbank session by selecting cards from the Browse window instead.

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