MCCQE Part I Study Tips

The AMBOSS Library and Question bank could serve as a secondary resource for students studying for the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE).

We offer our Essential Study Guide for Canadian Med Students which you can find here. Once you complete this study guide, you will have covered all of the requirements for the ‘Medical Expert’ objectives outlined by the Medical Council of Canada. However, you will also need to consult other resources for Canadian medical ethics and laws. These resources are listed on pages 58 and 59 in the guide mentioned above.

We do not offer specific MCCQE content, such as CDM-based practice questions, at this point. However, we do have USMLE Clinical Skills (CS) cases on our platform here which could serve a similar purpose as the CDM-based practice questions. These cases are structured to resemble the work of an intern during the first year of residency and include questions related to these aspects of residency:

  • Communicating with patients (findings, diagnostic steps)
  • Performing a physical examination and focused histories
  • Counseling patients on disease prevention and other relevant issues
  • Documenting patient encounters
  • Application of the clinical science knowledge to suggest preliminary differential diagnoses and diagnostic workup plans
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